Due to the pandemic and its effect on the hotel industry, its trends have sped up their evolution. It’s now impossible to catch up with the various changes happening within the sector. In 2023, here are a few hotel trends you can expect to see.

Access to Smart Rooms

In addition to homes, hotels are also taking advantage of the internet of things. Guests can now access streaming services through their smartphones and ask for temperature controls and other hotel-related services through voice commands. Although these trends might seem futuristic initially, they will eventually become standard features in every hotel room.

Eco-Friendly Modifications

The concept of environmental sustainability has been around for a long time, but it’s becoming more apparent that guests expect more from their hotels. While it’s not new for the industry to focus on sustainability, it’s becoming more critical that hotels have the necessary resources and practices to make their operations more eco-friendly. Some of the changes that have been implemented include the addition of solar panels on hotel buildings, the use of vegan and vegetarian food options, and the development of more energy-efficient facilities.


It’s no coincidence that globalization has an impact on the hotel industry. Due to the increasing number of people able to travel, the demand for hotels has also increased. This means they’re facing various challenges and opportunities in accommodating new guests. The rising middle class and growing income inequality have also affected the distribution of wealth. As a result, high-end hotels must develop innovative and creative offerings to attract more luxury travelers. 

Variety of Preferences

According to studies, many people are looking for new experiences and are more likely to travel alone or with a group. They also prefer to learn about a travel brand through social media. Today’s travelers are more likely to choose unconventional accommodations, such as camping out in the wild or staying in quirky motels instead of standard hotels. By staying up-to-date with the changes happening in the industry, hoteliers can ensure that their properties are still relevant to the 21st century.

Interior Innovation

The future of the hotel industry is expected to be more diverse and less traditional. According to various hotel design trends, the focus will be on individuality, community, and art. Guests are looking for places that reflect the destination’s unique character through architecture or local art. The space itself is also what drives uniqueness, as some hotels feature areas that exhibit nature.