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Jon Farzam on the Future of Hospitality

Jon Farzam is a Hotel manager who currently lives in the Santa Monica area of California. He and his family own a handful of hotels, built up from their first property of the Shore Hotel.

Jon Farzam - 2019 Sustainable Quality Award Winners Recognized

Jon Farzam, Vice President of the Shore Hotel, honored at the 2019 Sustainable Quality Awards

Jon Farzam '11 Collins Alumni Director of Fundraising

Jon Farzam is Vice President of several independent hotel properties in which he co-owns and operates with his family. Growing up in a family business, Jon was intrigued by the hospitality industry. 

Jon Farzam, Vice President of Shore Hotel, Launches a Revitalization Plan

Jon Farzam, the Vice President of Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, California, has launched a revitalization plan for his hotel to boost the Santa Monica community.

Philanthropy Spotlight: Children’s Investment Fund Foundation | Jon Farzam

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation is impacting children through the foundation’s philanthropic endeavors. The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation is the most extensive philanthropy globally that solely addresses ways to make life better for children. There are many specific ways the organization does so. CIFF has teamed with many groups to affect change in health, nutrition, education, slavery, […]

The Benefits of Creating a Corporate Philanthropy Program | Jon Farzam

Various strategies aid in the growth of organizations. One of these strategies is corporate philanthropy. Corporate philanthropy entails organizations engaging in community welfare activities such as donations or community works. Here are some benefits of creating a corporate philanthropy program. Positive Impact On Brands Companies that engage in corporate philanthropy gradually create a name for themselves. People associate them […]

How to Create an Effective Business Strategy | Jon Farzam

Nowadays, there are so many businesses being created. They all have various goals, but they are centered around the same theme: helping humanity progress and increase overall development. As noble as their intentions are, only about 10 percent of startups and businesses remain relevant within five years of establishment. The remaining portion of startups become […]

How to Get Started in Hospitality | Jon Farzam

If you are considering a job within the hospitality world, there are a few ways you can get a career off the ground. The fact that you have choices can make it challenging to know which way to turn. Read on for six tips on how to get started in hospitality. Look for Inspiration Are […]

Social Media’s Impact on Philanthropy | Jon Farzam

The way society is giving back to the nonprofit sector and taking action for the common good in this day and age has been completely transformed due to the emergence of philanthropic social media. Indeed, as social media is free and accessible to individuals coming from various backgrounds, it has become much easier for people […]

Philanthropy Spotlight: Green Lodging Program | Jon Farzam

Many aspects of traveling are inherently wasteful. For those people wanting to reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying travel, there is a new program called The Green Lodging Project. First, it is essential to consider the environmental impact of the lodging industry. While necessary to the travel and hospitality industries, hotels are one of the worst […]

Jon Farzam on Ways Gen Z Is Changing the Hotel Industry

For hospitality leaders to stay competitive in today’s market they must cater to the needs of Gen Z.

Jon Farzam on A Brief History of the Hospitality Industry

The origins and development of the hospitality industry.

Jon Farzam on Philanthropy Tech in 2022

Technology has the power to shape every industry and philanthropy is no exception.

Jon Farzam on Creating Memorable Experiences for Guests

How to ensure that your hospitality business creates wonderful memories for guests.

Jon Farzam on Why You Should Give to Charity

Giving to a charity that resonates with you is a win-win.

Jon Farzam on Charity Projects for Your Workplace

How to get your workplace involved in local charities.

Donor Engagement Strategies for 2022 | Jon Farzam | Los Angeles, CA

The goal of donor engagement is to enhance the interactions between your organization and its supporters. It involves developing strategies and programs that will help strengthen the ties between your organization and its donors. 

Career Opportunities within the Hospitality Industry | Jon Farzam

The hospitality industry is one of those with a wide range of opportunities. This helps lower unemployment rates experienced in most countries worldwide. This way, it will raise the living standards for workers and inhabitants of the country. Most people will agree that hospitality jobs are also among the most desirable. They are characterized by long hours,…

Trends Shaping the Hospitality Industry | Jon Farzam | Los Angeles, CA

After the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the hospitality industry struggled to recover. Getting the right people is a significant challenge for the hospitality industry.  Finding qualified individuals is still not easy despite the availability of tech solutions. In addition, implementing indoor mask mandates is still a concern for many regions. As…

Jon Farzam on How to Be Smart With Your Donations

After going through your closets and other areas in your home to gather the things that you no longer need or want, you might be tempted to throw them aside. However, donating them to an organization or someone else in need can be a better option. Here are a few ways to be smart with the…

Charity Spotlight: UNICEF | Jon Farzam

The world is a rapidly changing place, and we are always eager to learn about what is happening across the globe. Recently, the conflict has arisen in Ukraine, resulting in some children being forced to leave their homes. The conflict in Ukraine started when former president Viktor Yanukovych fled the country, leaving his authority behind. He deliberately…

Jon Farzam on Value of Charities in Society

It’s no secret that charities play a vital role in our society. From providing food and shelter for the homeless to supporting cancer research, charities do fantastic work that improves the quality of life for everyone. Here are five ways charities benefit society as a whole. With any luck, the following information will inspire you to support…

Jon Farzam on Myths about Philanthropy

A lot of people have misconceptions about philanthropy. They think it’s only for the rich or they don’t know what to do with their money, so they give it away.

Jon Farzam on Ways to Make your Philanthropy Dollars Stretch Further | Los Angeles, CA

Do you want to make giving more purposeful and strategic? There are a variety of ways to get there. If one has a set budget for their philanthropic ventures, try following some of these easy tips to stretch their giving further.

Jon Farzam on What Leadership Looks Like in Hospitality Industry

Every industry requires great leaders to succeed. Yet, for some reason, this is not a subject that comes up frequently within particular niches. Take the hospitality industry. 

Boosting Productivity at Work | Jon Farzam | Los Angeles, CA

Being productive at work is an essential skill that an employee can have. It’s not enough to do their job, but they need to excel in it and get more done than anyone else around them. 

Why Transparency Is Important in Philanthropy | Jon Farzam | Los Angeles, CA

“Transparency is the new accountability.” These words were spoken by one of the most respected and influential philanthropists in America. The subject? Philanthropy.

Jon Farzam on How to Build an Extraordinary Team of Employees | Los Angeles, CA

These days, managers and leaders are always looking for advice on how to create a team full of the best employees possible. It’s only natural – a business succeeds or fails due to the people that support it.