For the past year, we have all bee forced to climate to a new and difficult world. Remote and work-from-home options are valuable to those who are able to perform them, but it’s important to recognize that we are all struggling. These times of struggle are more than just stressful, they are an opportunity. For those in leadership positions, it’s time to take on new tactics and display skills we’ve never seen before. The following tips can help rise to the occasion and impress more than ever before.

Invest In Your Employees

Prioritize creating opportunities for your employees to find comfort and camaraderie together. Often times we have a resistance to socializing with our co-workers, but this is a mistake. It’s very good for morale and productivity to develop deeper relationships with each other, particularly at work. Small events like virtual coffee meetings, yoga classes, and other investments in relaxation and destressing.

Create Give and Take Opportunities

Don’t be afraid to divert resources to help meet team’s needs. This is a challenging time for everyone, but some people are going to struggle more than others, and that’s okay to acknowledge. If you have a large number of working parents, it’s reasonable to divert a bit towards a daycare program that will help manage kids while keeping their parents productive.

Be There For Them

Successful businesses are built with compassionate leadership that acknowledges humanity. During difficult times like these, every action you take is intensified. Every act will be under a microscope. Demonstrate leadership by being compassionate – provide more flexibility in work arrangements, and offer help where you can.

Be Fun

Zoom happy hours are very tried and true at this point but are invaluable for maintaining a level of camaraderie and socialization. Being fun in these times shouldn’t be forced, but do your best to show that these are times to come together and have a good time – that’s what keeps us going.

Leadership during trying times is a career-making thing. If you are able to display a truly innovative and inspiring set of leadership skills, you’ll be prepared for a future that isn’t so difficult. It’s this test of mettle and grit that really separates the best of the best from the rest. Don’t stress out further by treating every decision as the most critical, but understand that this is an opportunity to be someone that your employees can rely on .