The hospitality industry is one of those with a wide range of opportunities. This helps lower unemployment rates experienced in most countries worldwide. This way, it will raise the living standards for workers and inhabitants of the country. Most people will agree that hospitality jobs are also among the most desirable. They are characterized by long hours, high remuneration rates, and the prestige associated with the hotel or restaurant industry. Below are some of the top careers in hospitality:

Executive Chef

An Executive Chef is usually in charge of a kitchen or restaurant segment. They are the head cooks in charge of all food preparation, including but not limited to: ordering supplies and supervising the cooking process and personnel. The job requires excellent leadership skills, strong organizational abilities, and managing several tasks simultaneously.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Managers are responsible for managing every aspect of their restaurant to create an excellent customer experience. Restaurant Managers must make a successful brand image for their restaurants, which means finding the right marketing strategy to attract new customers. They also hire, train, supervise the staff, and ensure that the restaurant operates according to health codes. Apart from regular managerial duties, they manage food and beverage inventories and ensure the restaurant has a profitable balance sheet at the end of the accounting period.


Sommeliers are wine experts who advise customers on selecting quality wines for their meals. They should be knowledgeable about wines from different areas worldwide and have a good sense of how a wine will pair with different types of food.

Event Manager

The demand for event managers has recently increased significantly. This is because people opt to deal with professionals who have good background knowledge of a wide range of subjects related to the hospitality industry. Some of the events they can handle include functions, conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows.

Sales and Marketing Manager

The goal of every hotel, restaurant and other hospitality business is to make more money. This is usually achieved through good sales and marketing strategies. The sales manager is responsible for more specific things such as; helping the hotel or restaurant reach its sales targets, increasing the occupancy rate, growing profits, and creating an excellent customer experience. This is done by devising excellent marketing strategies, such as strategic website management, social responsibility programs, effective and efficient advertising, and practical sales techniques.