The outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 has reshaped the hospitality industry all over the world. Emphasis on maintaining safety measures has significantly changed the operations of hotels beyond doubt. With the attempt to keep the business and retaining customers, hotels are enticing patrons into their premises, giving them a reason to continue with their holiday visits through changing trends that seem to last longer than expected. Here is an overview of the latest trends in the hospitality industry, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Increased Personalization

Today, individuals are expecting to be recognized personally and not as part of the masses. Establishments have resorted to customizing emails and communications to personally greet and appreciate their customers. Email marketing has been an option for many hospitality businesses since they can reach many people while still leaving that personalized touch. The industry has presented numerous brands for customers to choose from, but hotels have developed unique standing out from the pool. Some hotels have been reaching out to their frequent customers with personalized offers depending on their preferences, such as offering free downloadable music, complimentary wine, and other; sophisticated informational screens in the customer’s rooms.

Seamless Technology

Technology has become a critical part of the hospitality industry trends. Technology has become the haven for hotels, hostels, resorts, guest houses, and apartments. Enterprises have embraced the use of apps to help them manage all the aspects of their business and maintain the best customer experience. The traditional customer-facing is being eliminated since they can now use technology-assisted options such as contactless payments, biometrics, voice control, and mobile check-in.

Increased Emphasis on Health and Well-Being

Health and wellness have become a personal responsibility. Hotels have responded to health promotion needs by developing innovative wellness options such as well-equipped spas, pools, and fitness areas. They are also providing air purification, energizing lighting, exercise equipment, and vitamin-infused shower water. A Casino in Las Vegas has high-tech cards that their customers use to detect their presence and unlock the doors for them. These cards eliminate unnecessary contact and the need to touch surfaces. Virtual assistance is another trend that has reduced the need for an assistant. Customers can request food, bedding cooling, or heating without physical contact and within the shortest time.