Robot-assisted services have recently been rising in popularity. Organizations are becoming more comfortable in using intelligent chatbots for their customer service delivery. 

Robots are machines that automatically handle complex activities. Most robotic processes have improved with the use of Artificial Intelligence and speech recognition. The hospitality industry is among the key sectors, taking advantage of automated processes. 

With most services being automated, the hospitality industry is looking into cutting costs and increasing the speed and accuracy of their operations. Let’s delve into the key ways robots are getting into the hospitality industry:

Travelmate the Robot Suitcase

Travelmate is gaining traction in the hospitality industry for traveling purposes. It is an automated suitcase that follows an individual to their desired location. With its anti-collision feature, it can move about and follow you as you move around from one place to another. The suitcase is convenient since one does not have to worry about its weight or pushing it. It moves around by itself.

Robot-Staffed Hotel

With the high technological levels, Japan is among the top countries working with robots in the hotel industry. For example, Henn-na is a hotel in Japan, entirely staffed by robots. The hotel uses robots for front office services, check-ins, and check-outs. The robots also interact and provide information to customers.

Robot Assistant

The hospitality industry is transforming rapidly by adopting robotic technology. Robot assistants carry out various tasks in the hotel and can offer their services in different languages. In addition, it facilitates interacting with varying customers during room service and when providing information.

Chatbot for Booking One’s Flight or Hotel

Chatbots are pretty popular in the hospitality industry. It is because they assist in customer service delivery and handling complex tasks like flight and hotel bookings. For example, the SnatchBot Booking Travel Template guides clients in their travel bookings without so much stress.

Airport Security Robots

Airport security is of high priority in any country. It is critical to ensure the airport is safe for locals and international visitors. Security robots incorporate intelligence to expose concealed weapons. An excellent example of a security robot is the Knightscope robot which is gaining popularity in many airports.

The hotel industry is embracing the technological changes that can elevate their businesses to the next level. As a result, robot-assisted technology gets undivided attention in the industry, with many hotels greatly benefiting from their use.