The hospitality industry was one of the industries most affected by the pandemic. To boost recovery, adapt to the new normal, and stay afloat, many are embracing technology. Some of these technologies were due to happen eventually, but the pandemic hastened the need for their implementation. Below are some of the technologies that hotels need to invest in throughout 2021 and beyond if they have not already done so.

Use of Hotel Apps

Whether it is via an app or a website, online access is crucial for booking, checking in, making orders, and checking out in today’s post-pandemic world. The current generation is digitally connected and computer savvy. They want the speed and efficiency to find places online and make inquiries before deciding to travel. Hospitality and tourism companies who want to stay current must provide an online portal where their customers can find them and access their services. These apps also come in handy to ensure hotels and restaurants are operating at a suitable capacity and have control over the number of people visiting their premises.

Hotel Virtual Reality Tours

Before deciding to travel, many cautious tourists are embracing the VR experience before committing to a location. Hotels must invest in this form of technology. Beautiful and high-quality pictures and videos online are enticements to draw the attention of potential customers. They give a better view of the experience the customers will have when they visit the place.

Contactless Payments

Gone are days when people had to carry a stash of cash to enjoy a holiday. Especially now, with a pandemic, there should be a reduced exchange of money and a contactless guest experience. 

Use of Voice Recognition Technology

Hotels should invest in a reliable voice recognition system. It is not just to reduce contact but also to provide a quick, personalized experience for a less stressful encounter in the hotel. 

Cyber Security

Since most of the exchanges between guests and businesses is online, hotels need to implement a cyber-security system that ensures their customer’s data and the hotel’s security.

If the hospitality industry implements the above technologies, hotels can rest assured to secure their market position. It is predictable that any industry that does not comply with the changing times risks lagging or losing its customers.