The travel and hospitality industry has bounced back from the pandemic. People worldwide were left stranded for two years as the pandemic affected the travel industry. However, now, after a couple of years, travelers are starting to feel like they are back on track and are eager to celebrate 2022. The phrase “revenge travel” has been used to describe this newfound optimism.

Revenge Travel Defined

Revenge travel is a type of travel in that people plan to take revenge for the inconvenience caused by the pandemic. It can be a way to make up for lost time, or it can be a way to treat yourself after a long period of uncertainty.

The phrase “revenge travel” was first used in 2021 as the world slowly started to travel again following the pandemic. It is a positive word that can be used to describe a way to recover from the negative effects of the pandemic. Instead of negative, imagine a defiant spirit that can reclaim one’s sense of adventure.

Revenge Travel in Action

Besides the desire to get back on track, the concept of revenge travel also relates to people’s expectations and how they will perform. Two years of delays can save more money and be used for a lavish getaway.

According to a survey conducted by Expedia, 40% of US travelers are planning on spending more money on their next trip. Other factors people consider when planning their next vacation include getting more luxurious experiences and a once-in-a-lifetime location.

A survey conducted by Europ Assistance revealed that the travel budgets of people in 15 countries had increased significantly this year. The organization noted that the average spending on their next trip has increased by about 20%.

Revenge Travel Trends

The two European cities that have been identified as some of the most popular travel destinations in the world are Lisbon and Rome. This is because the increasing number of people booking their European tours has shown great interest in these regions.

The hospitality company surveyed Evolve to determine what kinds of activities people plan on doing next summer. According to their findings, people are most likely to want to explore the outdoors and partake in relaxation and wellness experiences. On the other hand, secluded mountain and waterfront retreats are also expected to be popular next year.