Every day, more than 230 million people travel across the globe for purposes of leisure and business. As tourism continues to grow, hospitality professionals must adapt to meet the needs of this booming industry. Tourism has become a significant player in today’s global economy, with international outbound trips numbering over 1 billion per year (UNWTO).

The economic impact on destinations worldwide is undeniable- generating $2 trillion annually (WTTC) and supporting some 250 million jobs (ITB). It’s time we start looking at tourism from a different perspective. Tourism is more than the act of traveling; it’s an industry that has evolved to include hospitality.

Tourism and Hospitality

Hospitality is the act of welcoming and showing kindness to visitors. The hospitality industry, along with tourism, works together to provide guests with memorable experiences that will compel them to return one day. The two sectors share a relationship and have the same objective- to provide guests with unforgettable experiences.

Tourism and hospitality are constantly evolving to provide guests with positive experiences. In the past, tourism was often associated with mass-marketing events such as shopping sprees or parties on a whim; however, these approaches no longer work when it comes to meeting consumer expectations. Today’s tourists want more than just a quick thrill; they desire substance over style (WTTC). Hospitality professionals have begun adapting their traditional practices to further engage customers beyond simply providing food and shelter.

The most successful destinations understand that both industries working together leads to greater success for everyone involved. For example, major tourist attractions around the world now focus on offering family-friendly activities along with high-quality customer service catering specifically towards this demographic group (TRAVCO). Hotels and resorts are now investing in training courses for hospitality professionals to ensure that their experience is top-notch from start to finish (ITB).

Working Together

To provide guests with a positive overall experience, tourism and hospitality professionals need to work together. It’s no longer enough for hotels to have an open sign- today’s travelers want more than just a roof over their heads. They desire substance—they demand it (WTTC). Tourism and hospitality are now intrinsically linked, which is why it’s so essential for both professionals to work together to provide the best possible experience.