Imagine this: a guest walks into your hotel lobby, excited to explore your city. They might have a vague idea of what to see, but they rely on your guidance for a truly immersive experience. This is where a robust partnership with your local tourism board (LTB) comes in.

Why Partner with the LTB?

The LTB is your secret weapon for creating happy, well-informed guests who become loyal advocates for your hotel. They’re tourism experts with their fingers on the pulse of local events, hidden gems, and unique experiences. Partnering with them unlocks a treasure trove of benefits for your hotel and guests.

Benefits for Your Hotel:

  • Increased Bookings: The LTB often promotes member hotels through their marketing channels, websites, and social media. This boosts your visibility and attracts new guests, especially during shoulder seasons.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Working with the LTB allows you to curate exclusive guest experiences. Imagine offering discounted tickets to local attractions, pre-arranged tours with expert guides, or hosting cultural events at your hotel. These unique offerings set you apart from the competition and create lasting memories for your guests.
  • Local Expertise: The LTB is a goldmine of local knowledge. They can advise you on upcoming festivals, trendy restaurants, off-the-beaten-path attractions, and hidden gems that would be perfect recommendations for your guests. This local flavour elevates the guest experience and positions your hotel as a trusted advisor.

Building a Strong Partnership:

  • Initiate Contact: Contact your LTB and express your interest in collaborating. Most LTBs are eager to partner with local businesses.
  • Highlight Your Offerings: Showcase what your hotel has to offer—comfortable accommodations, friendly staff, and a central location—and brainstorm how these strengths can complement the LTB’s goals.
  • Proactive Participation: Stay engaged with the LTB by attending industry events, workshops, and networking opportunities. This strengthens relationships and keeps you updated on the latest tourism trends.
  • Offer Added Value: Think beyond just promoting rooms. Consider co-hosting events with the LTB or offering special packages that combine accommodation with local attractions.

A Win-Win Situation

By joining forces with your LTB, you’re not just promoting your hotel; you’re promoting the entire destination. Happy guests who discover your city’s best offers are more likely to return and recommend your hotel to others. So, take the first step, reach out to your LTB, and watch your hotel become a launchpad for unforgettable travel experiences.